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Admission for foreign students in the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences

 The general policy of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences creates favorable conditions for the admission of foreign students, especially from neighboring countries by providing necessary infrastructure, strengthening scientific capabilities, development of clinical education spaces and facilitates the admission of students. In this regard, the international affairs office, manages all administrative responsibilities for foreign students from time to announce the admission form to the relevant graduation is responsible.

With the permission of the Iran Ministry of Health in 2015 to 6 Universities of Medical Sciences including Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, in addition to the admission of foreign students in various general under graduate fields of study (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy and all fields of medical, health and nursing and midwifery undergraduate fields of study), the university has been authorized to admit foreign students at various post -graduate programs (Ph.D by course, Ph.D by research, Master of sciences, medical and dentistry programs, residency programs &  MPH( Master of public health).

General conditions of applicants for education

1)  The degree of completion of secondary education (high school) for general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy (M.D.) and having a related B.A, M.Sc  and M.D. for, M.Sc., Ph.D and medicine and dentistry clinical residency (post graduate) applicants, respectively. Admitted documents must be approved by the embassy or consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran for registration in the university.

2) Fluency in Persian [courses is done in Persian (Farsi)]. In this regard, facilities are provided for applicants for the short-term training courses in Persian language. Applicants after final acceptance and registration will be introduced to foreigner student's formal Persian education centers. Proof of completion of Persian language course is required for the applicants who do not have sufficient proficiency in Persian.

3) Financial ability to pay for education tuition.

4) No legal prohibition to stay in Iran.

Required Documents

A) Completed admission forms.


B) Scan of documents in the field of study, indicating graduation date, school name and evaluation scores. Evaluation marks can be reported based on percentage, GPA, or a score of 20. In any case, the university tries to accept talented and capable individuals.

C)  Scan of all the pages from the applicant’s passport.

D) Scan of recent photo from applicant with resolution of at least 300dpi.

E) The Motivation letter indicating applicant's abilities in various related fields such as computer software, arts, sports and different technologies.

F) Providing Recommendation Letters from at least two related faculty members on education, research abilities, communication skills and creativity of the applicant to have complete dominance (Only for  post- graduate degrees applicants).

G) Official TOEFL, IELTS, MCHE scores are required to submit for all applicants from countries in which the official language is not English. . The minimum acceptable scores are 480, 5 and 50, respectively (Only for Ph.D degree applicants).

F) Resume or C.V. which indicates complete description of the applicant's education, work experience, research activities and scientific publications. To provide a reasonable sample of a CV you can refer to the site (Only  for post- graduate degrees applicants).

All documents should be sent to the email address The university will try its best to complete admission process within 30 days after submission. The first feedback will be send to the applicant as soon as the documents are submitted.

The costs of studying at the university

Costs of studying at the university, includes tuition, living and welfare fees. Students in 2015 will pay their tuitions according to the table below and the possible annually increasing in the fees is maximum 15%.


Degree and field of study

The average annual tuition

( million Rials)

Master of Sciences (M.S.)










* All fees are in Iranian Rials.

* A maximum 20% tuition increasing in clinical section is possible.



The following table is basic charges of living and welfare fees in 2015, and the possible   annually increasing is maximum 20%.


Monthly cost

( million Rials)



living in student dormitories and accident insurance


Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


* Providing special welfare services with relevant expenses is possible.

* Students have option to use the facilities and accommodation of the university.



Training period for different programs according to the rules of the Iran Ministry of Health will be based on the following table:

The maximum period of study (years)

The average duration of education (years)












Master of Sciences (M.S.)


Obviously, the time required for taking a Persian language training course or extra required  courses will be added to the previously mentioned periods.

The recommended application deadlines

We encourage students to apply at least 3-4 months before they wish to start their school. This allows enough time for your application file to be processed. Below are some recommended deadlines. Late applications will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee that your file will be processed by the starting date of classes for your desired semester.

Don't worry if you miss a deadline, because if you don't start classes in September (fall), you can start in February (spring).


Suggested date to apply







June  1


November  1


Student's admission process

General admission process at the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences is as follows:

1.      Sending the required documents by the applicant to the following email address:


2.      Sending the received documents to the international branch of the university and related school for evaluation and announcement.


3.      Making a decision of on the applicant file by the education committee of the university international relations council l, according to related school announcement, applicant general conditions and doing interview if necessary.


4.      Announcing of the education committee of the university international relations council to the education vice-chancellor and sending the initial feedback to the applicant within 30 working days after receipt of documents.


5.      Introducing the applicant to the Iran Ministry of Health by the university education vice-chancellor.


6.      Sending the applicant’s documents to the Foreign Students Admission Committee of Tehran University of Medical Sciences for final approval.


7.      Registration of the applicant and receiving the required documents and payment of a portion of the tuition fee.


8.      Introducing students to the Student Affairs of Iran Ministry of Science Research & Technology for student's visa.


9.      Payment the remaining annual tuition and starting the course in the first term that is possible.


10.  Introducing students to the related school and the use of living and welfare services (food and accommodation)


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