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Address: Excellence Centre for Occupational Health, School of Public Health

Hamadan University of Medical Science, Post Code : 6517838736, Hamadan, Iran

Tel :  +98 081 38381645

Fax : +98 081  38380509

E-mail : bahrami @umsha.ac.ir


Academic Rank :  Professor

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The message of Head of Center of Excellence and Education of Occupational Health Engineering of Iran


Industry growth and development of industrial units lead to emit different pollutants and create risk factors in workplaces of the country. Preservation, protection and promotion of the workforce’s health in our country, as well as efficient managers' commitment to create a healthy work environment, continuous improvement and prevention of occupational illnesses and accidents are undoubtedly possible through training effective professional forces in the field of the occupational health. In recent years, a remarkable growth has been observed in scientific development, industrial relationships and training experts in the field of occupational health and now, center of excellence and education of occupational health engineering of Iran by training professionals in the fields of occupational health, ergonomics and HSE at different educational levels, is committed to continue its role in scientific and qualitative development of graduates of these fields. Center of excellence and education of occupational health engineering of Iran with the help of God Almighty and cooperation with other Iranian professionals and experts in the field of occupational health, is committed to target expanding boundaries of knowledge, qualitative and quantitative development of health and safety level of workplaces by using all potential resources, and plays its part in this regard by training scholar graduates.

Dr. Abdulrahman Bahrami

Occupational Health Engineering of Iran, Center of Excellence and Education

February 2016


CEOH Office :

center of excellence for occupational health , school of public health , Hamadan university of medical sciences , Hamadan , Iran

TEL : +98-8138381645

FAX : +98-8138380509


PO BOX : 6517838736



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